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Young Toddler 1-2 years old

Approaches to Learning:

Variety of activities and materials for exploration from their natural and human-made environment. Children name and describe objects.

We encourage children to figure out how things work.

Language and Literacy:

We read to children independently or in small groups, multiple times each day.

We provide sturdy books for children to use independently.

We ask questions about the pictures when reading with a child.

We provide books with pictures of real objects to make connections between books and real world experiences.

Mathematical Thinking:

Children will -

Count natural objects . (e.g., large stones, leaves, pine cones, etc.)

Build small towers with children, counting each piece.

Build small ramps and count each object as it rolls down.


We are-

Provide opportunities for children to explore plants, animals, and people in their environment.

Provide indoor and outdoor experiences that include safe interaction with animals, plants, and other people.


We are-

Emphasize science, technology, engineering, and mathematical careers.

Provide a variety of costumes and props representing a variety of community workers.

Label community workers using correct vocabulary


We are-

Provide plenty of indoor and outdoor time for children to practice large-muscle control activities. 

 Provide a variety of materials for throwing and catching.

Recognize children’s developmental need to climb and offer safe climbing opportunities both indoors and outdoor.

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