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Precshool 3-4 years old

Approaches to Learning:

We are:

Provide real objects that can be manipulated or explored to

understand a concept.

Respond to children’s questions with explanations that help

them to understand.

Encourage children to research answers to questions through

books and other media.

Language and Literacy Development

We are:

Provide purposeful and playful exposure to a variety of

informational text.

Provide various experiences for children to engage with

picture/text connections. (e.g., cooking, dramatic play,

construction, gardening, posting picture schedule)

Encourage children to use new vocabulary words or phrases

when discussing pictures or real objects.

Provide a variety of materials and opportunities for children to write daily.

Encourage children to draw and talk about topics of interest.

Mathematical Thinking:

We are:

Teach children counting songs, rhymes, and chants.

Provide and read books, poems, chants with numbers, and

number concepts.

Use number words and numerals, including zero, in everyday


Provide experiences with numbers through daily routines such

as attendance and calendar.

Provide opportunities for writing numerals and representing


Play number recognition games

Scientific Thinking and Technology:

We are:

Include live animals and plants along with models, stuffed

animals, plastic animals and plants, and pictures/posters in the classroom.

Display worm farms, bird feeders, or ant hills for observation.

Read books about living and non-living things.

Set up a science table or exploration area, stock with both living and non-living things.

Social Studies Thinking:

We are:

Discuss rules with children.

Explain purpose of rules (safety, respect).

Read books, both fiction and nonfiction, describing people’s


Invite community workers into the classroom to talk about

their jobs.

Organize field trips to the firehouse, police station, and other

community locations.

Add community worker props and clothing to play areas.

Discuss what it means to be a responsible classroom citizen.

Model responsible behavior

Creative Thinking:

Model the use of various voice inflections and facial expressions

during read-aloud.

Provide props and costumes associated with favorite stories.

Participate in dramatic play events as the audience, providing

praise and applause

Music development:

We offer Kindermusik Classes

Children will be introduced to fundamental musical concepts, notation, and the basics of vocal development. Children explore a wide variety of musical styles and the instruments of the orchestra through group ensemble play, music, games, and stories from many cultures. These classes are a musical learning experience that set the stage for future

school success and the transition into formal music lessons

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