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Old Toddler 2-3 years

Approaches to Learning:

Children explore objects and ask questions about the natural and human-made environment.

Children name and describe objects.

We encourage children to figure out how things work.

We provide opportunities for children to experiment, build, and create with new materials.

We encourage children to talk about past experiences and events.

We provide opportunities to engage in memory games. (e.g., turning over simple cards to find a match and remembering the location)

Language and Literacy

We read to children independently or in small groups, multiple times each day.

We provide a verity books for children to use independently.

We ask questions about the pictures when reading with a child.

We provide books with pictures of real objects to make connections between books and real world experiences.

Mathematical Thinking:

Childrens are:

Count natural objects. (e.g., large stones, leaves, pine cones, etc.)

Build small towers with children, counting each piece.

Build small ramps and count each object as it rolls down


We are:

Provide opportunities for children to explore plants, animals, and people in their environment.

Provide indoor and outdoor experiences that include safe interaction with animals, plants, and other people.

Read books about plants and animals and their characteristics.

Provide a variety of natural objects for children to explore and discover (different texture, size, shape, material).

Describe what child is seeing, hearing, and exploring.

Model basic caretaking of plants and animal


Emphasize science, technology, engineering, and mathematical careers.

Provide a variety of costumes and props representing a variety of community workers.

Label community workers using correct vocabulary.

Incorporate books, pictures, and posters that depict community workers.

Engage community workers as experts to share their knowledge of workplace.

Read books (both fiction and non-fiction) describing people’s jobs


We are:

Provide plenty of indoor and outdoor time for children to practice large-muscle control activities. Provide a variety of materials for throwing and catching.

Recognize children’s developmental need to climb and offer safe climbing opportunities both indoors and outdoor

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