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Music Lessons:

Music Class:

All students are welcome to participate and enjoy of music. In the class kids are singing, dancing, involved into stories and have fun! Students are  guided through the series of songs that cater to these needs.  Each class is designed with the specific developmental needs of our students' ages. 

Kids will Learn how to understand simple music notation and play the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and the recorder

Experiencing steady beat, meter, and rhythm through listening to music, moving, singing, playing instruments, and reading and writing music notation

Learning new music concepts through listening, moving, singing, game-playing, visuals, and imaginative play

Listening to music and sound with an analytical ear and paying close attention to pitch variation and timbre between specific instruments

Developing their speaking and singing voices through listening, imitating, and exploring

Participating in a variety of ensemble experiences, including instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and group dancing

Dance Classes

We offer classes from 2 years old and up. in many styles of dance including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Modern and more.

Gym  Class

Over, under, upside down!

Build coordination, core-body strength, and agility with non-competitive exploration of balls, bats, hoops, clubs, racquets and sticks. Our instructors introduce young athletes to the basics through lots of playful drills, games and obstacle courses.

Art Classes

Exploration of painting in watercolor and acrylic. Our fabulous istructor will improve your child's drawing and design skills.

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